Empower Your Sales with AI!

Customize Your Sales Conversations like Never Before! AI-Driven Conversations that Initiate, Engage, and Guide. Harness the Power of Personalization, Proactive Suggestions, and Real-Time Feedback for Unprecedented Sales Success!"



Always available to help visitors, regardless of the time of day.


Lead sage is the fastest LLM virtual salesman inplementation curently available.

Your answers

Ouf focus is on sterability. Lead sage assistant is created with your data! 


Gamification adds a sense of excitement, realism, and interactivity, empowering users to personally connect with the product, leading to increased trust, higher engagement, and ultimately driving conversions

Custom 3D enviroment

Unlock the Power of 3D with LeadSage. By showcasing your offerings in immersive 3D experiences, you can captivate customers, provide unparalleled product exploration, and create unforgettable brand interactions.

Custom configurator

Transform Product Configuration with LeadSage's Cutting-Edge Configurator. Our intuitive interface shows relevant options, simplifying the process. Store countless configurations and offer unmatched flexibility, empowering customers to effortlessly create their ideal setups. Elevate the experience with LeadSage and revolutionize product configuration for seamless customization.


By leveraging AI analytics, companies can efficiently extract valuable insights and patterns from vast amounts of data. When integrated with vector databases, which excel at handling complex and high-dimensional data, this synergy enables enhanced analysis and more accurate predictions. The result is a powerful toolset that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

90+ languages

LeadSage's vast language proficiency breaks down language barriers and expands market reach on a global scale. Additionally, the AI salesman's consistent performance mitigates the risk of human errors in multilingual interactions.

Cross platform

Unleash Cross-Platform Power with LeadSage. Seamlessly reach customers on multiple platforms, from mobile to desktop and beyond. Expand your business's reach and maximize engagement with our versatile cross-platform solution. Lead sage can suport more than 25 platforms.

State of the art AI voices


Application's file size is comparable to a single 4K image, ensuring swift launch and optimal user experience.


Natural experssions and emotions are achived by voice simulating more than 60 blend shapes in real time! 


AI can initialize the conversation, ask questions without being asked, make suggestions, provide feedback, and much more!